Why your website needs to be designed with marketing in mind

I get it.  You’re not a web designer or developer, maybe not even technical.  With all the things to do when you started your business, creating a website was probably not at the top of your list.  Even being a web designer, creating my own website was a stumbling block, and even a year ago, my own website had the dummy language of Lorem Ipsum.  Even 37% of small businesses don’t have a website

Be proud.  You’re part of the 63% that do have a website.  You understand that your website is your #1 marketing tool available to you.  

Did you plan it so that it can evolve and grow with your business or did you put one up just to check it off your to-do list?  

Here are 3 reasons why you should take the time to plan a website instead of just ‘throwing one up’. 

  1.  Your customer has a Better User Experience.  Your users view your business’s credibility and authority by how easy it is to use your website.  Are your pages easy to navigate?  Can users determine immediately what your services or products are?  
  2. Reach the right audience.  If your ideal customer reads your website and the images and language resonate with them, your business will appeal to them. 
  3. Google is intelligent – the more intentional your website is, the higher Google will rank you.  Have a clear audience, plan ahead.  

Don’t want to do it alone?  It helps to have an expert guide you in planning your website strategy. The Work On Your Business Retreat offers 10 small business owners an exclusive long weekend to develop marketing and website strategies custom for your business. Throughout the weekend, we not only define the elements and strategies but also create an actionable plan to help you follow through on the execution of the marketing & website tactics. 

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— Trish Bovell, website designer, developer, & owner of Savvy Web Woman.

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