Identifying the keywords that you want to rank for will put you on the path to getting the Google search results you want

Keywords are the words that people use to search for things on the internet. Keywords will help you understand what people are looking for. It is important to know what keywords people are searching for because you can use those keywords to help you write your website and blog content. Keywords will help you understand what kind of content to write and what kind of content people want to read.


There are 5 steps to a keyword strategy cycle.


  1. Gather a list of potential keywords. The easiest way to start is, off the top of your head, list keywords that you suspect users are putting in the Google search box.  From there, you can use both free and paid tools to expand on your initial keyword list.
  2. Review your list.  Remove those that don’t fit your business. It could be location, a service you don’t provide, or a feature that your product doesn’t have.
  3. Rank your list. Look at the easy keywords to be able to rank for – those will tend to be long tail keywords, that is keywords that have 4-5+ words in the keyword phrase. Look at which ones you can quickly rank for and those that will take a longer time, but still valuable to eventually rank higher for.
  4. Use your list. Now use the prioritized keywords in your content, copy, alt tags for images, titles, and descriptions.
  5. Track your ranking process and tweak as necessary.  Google Search Console is a free tool that will show you which,  how many, and how high keywords are showing. Notice what is getting clicks and if a page is ranking high for a keyword, use that keyword more often, expand on the topic 


    Once you have completed the 5 steps of research, edit, rank, implement, and track & tweak, go back to #1 and look for any new keywords. Using this cycle framework will simplify the complex world of keyword research.  


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    — Trish Bovell, website designer, developer, & owner of Savvy Web Woman.

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