Now the metrics……

I’ve been known to get in the weeds, so I will try to stay at a broad overview. 

In her blog post this week, Alexis outlined all the content creation steps that we took coming out of our own WOYB retreat.

  • Created a Content Calendar
  • Content Templates
  • Created Email marketing newsletter 
  • Created Email 
  • Created Blog page
  • Created blog template
  • Social Media
  • Created events on both LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Posted 5 blog posts (this is the 6th)
  •  Sent 3 email newsletters

I configured Google Analytics when launching the site but unfortunately wasn’t connected until after July 1st.  After fixing the configuration, I anticipate some fine-tuning to get the best feedback that I can. 

From the web host company, I was able to get a sense of the web traffic from May until now, shown in the chart below. 

We had a little blip, but the trend is still on the upswing.



Then I went to Google Analytics 4, in which I use Databox to create my own dashboard for the metrics that I’m interested to see.

This quick dashboard has 3 metrics I’m initially interested in.

1.  Number of Active users – so that we know how much traffic is coming to our website.

2.  The 5 most popular pages – the top is our home page (expected), #2 is Alexis’ blog post from earlier this week, #3 is the main blog page, and #4 is our newsletter signup page.  (hint hint….If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, we’d love it if you did)

3.  Where the users are coming from and how many from each.  Is it our newsletter, our LinkedIn page, or are they typing the url directly in their browser.  From here we can make a decision to promote a page that we would like more traffic, or if we’re surprised that one traffic source is doing well, then we want to post more there.

I’m happy with our results so far.  If we continue to be consistent with our content marketing efforts, we should see continued growth.

— Trish Bovell, website designer, developer, & owner of Savvy Web Woman.

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