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What to do when you know who your target customers are, but you can’t find them online.

As a small business owner, sometimes you just need help organizing the information you have at your fingertips. In business school, it took some time to learn and understand the framework that each teacher believed in: Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT analysis, 4 P’s, 3 C’s, and many more. These frameworks provided the structure to organize the data, identify which data was necessary, and create business and marketing strategies to solve challenges.

Now that you find yourself starring in your own case study, you have to ask (as you kick up your feet on your desk and look out the window), how is it possible that I know who my customers are, but I just don’t know where to find them online?

It’s not simple, but if you truly know your customers, see if you can answer questions such as: 

  • what they like to do at work and outside of work, 
  • what don’t they like, 
  • how do they interact on social media, 
  • which platforms do they use, 
  • what media do they consume, 
  • what does a typical workday look like, 
  • are they working from home, back in the office, or a hybrid model, 
  • how are decisions made at their company 

The list of questions can continue endlessly; the more you know about your ideal customers, the easier it is to find them and connect with relevant messaging. It takes work to set aside time to address these questions without getting sidetracked, and sometimes you may need prompts and guidance to get there faster. We can help you complete this critical work in one long weekend at the Work On Your Business Retreat.

It’s just like it sounds, it’s an intense workshop-style, expert-led retreat that has you focused on your business. We teach, we guide, you do the work so you are empowered and understand your marketing strategies that will help your target customers find your business. After all, you have the best solution for their specific needs. In less than one month, you’ll walk away with strategies, an action plan, and a clear direction on what needs to happen to achieve your SMART goal in the next three months. 

And you’ll know exactly where to find your target customers online. Learn more about the Work On Your Business Retreat. Click below to see the agenda, details, and more.

-Written by Alexis Rago, the co-Creator of the Work On Your Business Retreat, and the Big Kahuna at Marketing Mana LLC. Alexis enjoys life as an entrepreneur, while also managing the role of mom to two kids and one fur baby, as well as being a wife, daughter, friend, and volunteer.

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